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Poseideion (modern Ba'îª) is located on the North Syrian coast just north of the mouth of the Orontes from which it is separated by the mountains of Mons Casius. It was on the border between Syria and Cilicia but this meant that the actual boundary was somewhere north of the town itself (Leuze 1935:261). Note also that Herodotus says Poseideion was situated on the border of Cilicia and Syria, not Phoenicia. Elsewhere, Herodotus says:

o˚moure÷ei ga\r h Suri/h Ai˙gu/ptwØ, oi˚ de« Foi÷nikeç, tw◊vn e˙sti h Sidw¿n, e˙n thø◊ Suri÷hø oi˙ke÷ousi.

Parables - 27. Tosefta Ohalot 16:8

27. Tosefta Ohalot 16:8 (Zuckermandel 614)

27 . תוספתא, אהלות טז ח


R. Joshua says: He who learns and does not labor
[to accomplish it] is like a man who sows
but does not harvest.* He who studies Torah and
forgets [it, to what may] he be compared? To a
woman who gives birth and buries [her infant].


Regional Conflicts NINTH CENTURY bce


Regional Conflicts NINTH CENTURY bce


Dimensions and Disciplines

The twenty-first century has burst upon the stage of history in a worldwide epidemic of racial and ethnic violence. Whereas the twentieth-century pundits sought to eliminate the natural human instinct for self- and group identification (partly as a reaction to the gross misuse of that instinct that led to the Second World War), the end of the Cold War saw an outbreak of local conflicts between peoples of diverse cultures seemingly no longer able to share a small piece of the planet with their neighbors.

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